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A lifetime appreciation of Seniors
Education; Experience; Compassion; Ethics.


Placement Options was started in 1996 to help Seniors and their families find the right residential care options for each individual.

Joyce Peterson, R.N. and Brenda Teverbaugh, OTR had over 50 years of combined health care experience, strong ethics and a desire to help seniors and their families.

To make quality recommendations they felt it was important to:

    Understand the medical issues of the patient
    Understand the family issues for the patient
    Understand the social and aging issues
    Understand the local facilities and their services

Now, over a decade later, Brenda and the team continue to work with these concepts:

    Professional assessments
    Ethical practices
    Strong knowledge of local facilities and services


Brenda Teverbaugh, OTRBrenda Teverbaugh, OTR

Brenda Teverbaugh, OTR
Owner and Cofounder,
Placement Options

Brenda did her training for Occupational Therapy at the University of Minnesota. She has worked in Northern California Facilities including Alta Bates, Kentfield Rehabilitation Hospital and North Coast Rehabilitation Center. Her experience includes:

    OT clinical practice
    program development
    management & marketing
    managed care contracting

As an Occupational Therapist, Brenda specialized in evaluating and treating deficits in “Activities of Daily Living”(ADLs), recommending adaptive equipment, and treatment methods. Brenda worked extensively with the local medical, business and insurance communities. She maintains an Administrator's Certificate for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly.

Louise Imperatrice Louise Imperatrice

Louise Imperatrice

Louise Imperatrice has worked in Health care for over 50 years!! This also makes her a senior.

She was the Business Office Manager for Stanford University Hospital where she was repsonsible for billing as well as Public Relations.

At California Pacific Medical Center in San Fransisco she was in charge of Outpatient Clinic and Admissions. She was the Coordinator for all clinical functions and in charge of new programs and physician billing.

At North Coast Rehabilitation Center in Santa Rosa she met with patients and families in regards to billing and collections.

Louise has been with Placement Options for 9 years. She is usually the first contact. She gathers information and sets up appointments for professional assessments. She contacts facilities and gets referrals back to you after the assessment.

Kristine Monroe, R.N. Kristine Monroe, R.N.

Kristine Monroe, R.N.

Kristine Monroe, R.N. has been working with Placement Options for the past 5 years. She recieved her BSN, RN from Sonoma State University in 2002.

She works as a staff nurse for the Palliative Care Unit at Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa and does some teaching for Community Education, LLC, which provides education services for residential care staff and facilities.

Her familiarity with the various needs of the elderly both in the home and in the hospital can be traced back 20 years.

Elizabeth Allen, M.A., R.N.

Elizabeth Allen, M.A., R. N. has been a Registered Nurse for 25 years. She graduated from the University of Iowa in 1982 with her B.S. R. N. and then recieved her M.A. degree in Nursing Administation in 1991.

Elizabeth’s 25 years of nursing experience includes acute care, outpatient services, pediatrics, intensive care, hospice and home care.

She has owned and operated 2 RCFE’s since 1994. She maintains an Administrator’s Certificate for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE).

Elizabeth provides professional assessments and consultations for Placement Options.

Nancy Pieraccini, M.A., Community Liaison for Placement Options Nancy Pieraccini

Nancy Pieraccini, M.A.

Nancy Pieraccini received her B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Houston at Clear Lake/NASA and then returned to her native state of California where she was the Director for the Rohnert Park Healthcare Center. At this time she also was assisting her aging parents with challenging health issues.

Nancy has a comprehensive background in healthcare and hospitality. She has held numerous clinical management and healthcare marketing positions at St. Helena Hospital, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and North Coast Rehab. While her career has been focused on healthcare management and marketing, her passion is in working directly with seniors and their families to assist them in finding a perfect home and to support them through their changes.


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