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Welcome to Placement Options - Senior placement services for Sonoma, Marin, Napa with networking options throughout the Northern California.Find the best senior care facility for yourself or a loved one.

Placement Options helps you make that difficult decision by:

Our goal is to place your family member in a facility that feels like home to them.

We have helped thousands of families find the right homes for their loved ones over the last 13 years.

Choosing the right residential care or assisted living facility is critical to the future health and happiness of our seniors.

But how do you know the facility you choose is reputable and meets your needs?

Each Placement Option client receives personalized, professional analysis and assistance in choosing the best senior care facility. We continually review local facilities to guarantee that we are recommending the best choices for our clients. In choosing the best senior care facility, each Placement Option client receives personalized, professional analysis and assistance.We take this personally. You are not just a zip code or an open bed. We use the information you provide to find a senior living option that will meet your care and other needs as required.






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